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  1. Marie says:

    Merci a Joe et a toute l equipe de nextstepthailand pour cette experience de deux jours a la Spicy villa.
    c etait juste parfait : se prendre pour une aventuriere sur un raft en bambou, descendre la riviere en tubbing et en rigolant, dormir dans un bungalow plante au milieu d un cadre extraordinaire, se lever tot pour observer les premieres lueurs du soleil et la brume se dissiper lentement, se ballader dans la jungle et cuisiner au bord de la cascade dans des recipients fabriques , en bambou et enfin finir en beaute par la ballade en elephants, se baigner avec eux et les ramener dans la jungle pour la nuit….
    et sans oublier la gentillesse, l hospitalite, l humour de mes hotes. Merci encore !

  2. Mawney says:

    I just went on the 3 day tour with Joe and it was by far the best tour (and tour guide!) I have ever experienced. The trekking was mostly through a beautiful jungle, stopping off for swims at waterfalls, and trekking through paddy fields along the way. He taught us how to cook lunch over a fire using only bamboo as the cooking pots and pans and dishes, and in general let us be involved in cooking traditional Thai food, which I can say was some of the best (if not the best) I have had since being in the country. We slept in a hillside village with a lovely husband and wife and spent our last day riding atop of and bathing Elephants and weaving down the river on a bamboo raft. The bungalows themselves are a little slice of heaven nestled in the mountainside surrounded by jungle and the small farm on the property. The deck adjoining the kitchen looks over the whole valley and the bamboo bungalows are not only beautiful but comfortable and it was heartbreaking that we could only spend one night there! If you can try and wake up for the sunrise, its rays wash across the mist filled valley over the mountain and is a truly stunning sight. The tour aside you cannot ask for a better guide- he’s funny, personable, relaxed, extremely knowledgeable (his riddles and world trivia are extremely testing) and has unbelievable stories and wisdom to share with people of every age. It would be hard to have a bad time on this tour and I would definitely do it again!

  3. Elisabeth Braunschmid says:

    I worked for about two weeks in the ecologde bungalows in rural Chiang Mai. I did not know what to expect about my workaway experience at the beginning. Now I would not like to miss this two brilliant and wonderful weeks. Me, and a girl from New Zealand, spent the time with helping John (the farmer) in the garden, getting rocks and sand from the river for preparing a new path, we helped him to get wooden sticks from the forest… the time with John was very funny and we learned a lot. He is a very smart and active men and showed us a lot of new things. We had a lot of great meals and the guys showed us to prepare the best dishes ever! We also spent two nights in a Karen village. It was such a great experience to see the village, the work and the people, how they live. Samart took us up to go to the elephant camp, the waterfall, to go tubing and bamboo rafting. Samart is a very smart and funny guy, and I am more than happy so met him. We had so many great experiences and I even cannot believe that we have met so many opend minded, helpful and nice people. I am sure I will remember the time here forever.

  4. Kellie says:

    had a great time!

  5. agnieszka ostrowska says:

    dreams DO come true in chiang mai!!! thnx to AMAZING SAMART who was soooooo kind to share the knowledge of his culture with me. I enjoyed every second of our elephant and rafting trip…. swimming with elephants was fantastic… the best thing was that it wasnt just a tourist attraction but meeting with a real thai culture as Samart is friends with all the people looking after elephants so they treated us like friends not just some of milion tourist. i managed to ride an elephant without the set…just me and the beautiful animal… which i would had never thought i could do!!!! the whole beautiful expirience was fallowed by rafting and again it was just like in heaven! because of meeting Samart I have learnt so much, Ive expirnienced so much and Im sure its not my last visit in chiang mai!!!

  6. Ian Parham & Cherie Clare says:

    4 Day Elephant Treking with Homestay

    We spent 4 unforgettable days with the elephants one night we even stayed in the jungle with the mahouts (Karen tribe) this was absolutely incredible and a lot of fun! The mahouts Korn, Gui and Daeng made us a bamboo shelter and cooked curry in bamboo on a wood fire, an experience we will never forget! The elephants were really well looked after and loved and weren’t even chained up when we stayed in the jungle. Every night they lived in the jungle not in some cramped shelter like other elephant camps in the area, giving them the freedom they need.
    Daeng, John and Samart are very friendly and nothing is too much for them. Daeng our guide was simply amazing there was nothing he couldn’t do and we now consider him a friend and a super hero.
    The Spicy Villa lodge is a unique paradise haven in the mountains where you can do as much or as little as you like. Thanks to Samart the tour organizer who’s knowledge is brilliant and can keep any visitor as active or relaxed as they require. We also did bamboo rafting, tubing, mountain bike trekking, waterfalls and lived in Eco lodge where we also learnt to cook authentic Thai food all in 5 incredible days.
    Thanks to Travel with Joe and Thank you Thailand xx

  7. Ian Parham & Cherie Clare says:

    Elephant treking homestay 4 days with elephants with a night staying in jungle.

    This trip was absolutely amazing spending time with the elephants and Mahout men (Karen tribe) incredible! The elephants are very well looked after and loved and were not even tied up when we stayed with them overnight . Our night in the jungle was one we will never forget they made us a bamboo hut and cooked curry in the bamboo on a wood fire.
    Bamboo rafting, Tubing, Mountain bike treking, waterfalls and living in eco lodge, learning how to cook thai food all in 5 days! This place is amazing with incredible people, Daeng especially was multi talented like a super hero, there was nothing he couldn’t do!
    The Spicy villa is a paradise haven where you can do as little or as much as you want due to Samart the organiser who is a very knowledgeable guy who really did find exactly what we wanted to do in 5 days. Thankyou Thailand and Thankyou Travel with Joe!xx

  8. Sabrina Franco says:

    La decouverte et participation au projet de Samart est sans aucun doute une belle et riche experience. De la cavalcade a dos d’elephants, a la decouverte de l’eco-site bungalows en passant par le bamboo rafting, tout est penser sur un mode de durable et equitable pour la faune, la flore et les populations locales. Elle permettra sans doute d’ouvrir les consciences sur un autre mode de vie, une autre facon de voyager et de partager!

    Merci pour ta generosite et ta gentillesse,

    hope to come back again!

  9. Jessica Hunter says:

    I had one of the best experiences of my travelling life with Samart who introduced us to authentic village life, local people and culinary joys in the stunning mountains of Northern Thailand. The bungalows were absolutely kicking, and the balance between super-fun activities and getting to know a real rural Thailand was superb. His friendly tours and fascinating information open doors to a world otherwise never experienced in Thailand. He is a facilitator between distant worlds ensuring a great time is had by all. Spicy sense of humour with professional demeanor. Can’t recommend him and the experiences you will have there enough.

  10. Jaclyn Baybut says:

    We had the most amazing adventure with Spicy Man Joe. We couldn’t of wished for a more intelligent, helpful and knowledgeable leader! Joe gave us a holiday of a lifetime! Thank you!

  11. Claire Keeling says:

    I visited the eco village with Samart not knowing what to expect. It was everything i could have wanted out of the experience. A beautiful eco paradise with friendly people around and the chance to try some AMAZING FOOD. I really felt i was treated to a cultural experience. Samart is an extremely knowledgable and interesting guy! I will be back!

  12. Amélie says:

    Grâce à vous j ai passé 4 jours inoubliables à Chiang Mai dont deux jours dans la jungle qui resteront gravés dans ma mémoire. Un trek très instructif, un soirée riche en émotion, un balade à dos d’éléphants excellente, et le bamboo rafting…une grande partie de rigolade!!!! Le tout dans un cadre paradisiaque^^
    Merci encore pour tout. Amélie.

  13. Mark Duncan says:

    A great trip around Chiang Mai, enjoyed the elephants and trekking with Samart.

  14. Patrick says:

    This is the best Thailand experience ever.

  15. Claire says:

    A group of us spent 2 months travelling SE Asia and my Chiang Mai trekking tour with Samart was the most memorable 4 days of the entire trip. A true experience of Thai culture with some amazing food and lots of laughs along the way. I can’t wait to go back :)

  16. Amanda says:

    I did the Island Explorer tour with Next Step Thailand in December 2010.
    The trip was relaxing, cultural and, fun and an unforgettable taste of Southern Thailand.
    Memorable highlights for me were: lying on the beautiful beach at Koh Samui, sea kayaking at Krabi, and the unique experience of island camping.
    Our guide Samart was so organized and arranged additional activities to suit our holiday needs. He shared his knowledge and passion with us and importantly, always knew the best places to get amazing Thai food!

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